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2 Types Of Dentures And Their Costs

Missing. Loose or decayed teeth affect your self-confidence and aesthetic look. You may also be unable to eat your favorite food or speak properly due to missing teeth. Dentures are a convenient option to replace missing teeth.

Reputed Lehigh valley orthodontist reports that most of their patients opt for dentures as they are affordable, convenient and effective. Understanding about the types of dentures and their costs will help you in the treatment process.

Types of Dentures

Full dentures are the most commonly used dentures and they are available in fixed and removable models.

  1. Removable dentures

Removable dentures are held in place with non-toxic glue. They are the most affordable option for tooth replacement. They look natural and function similar to the natural teeth, when they are customized to suit the patient requirement. However, removable dentures may cause bone loss. Removable dentures in pre-made and custom-made models.

  • Premade dentures are low priced. As the name suggests, these dentures are pre-made and are slightly adjusted to suit the patient’s measurements.
  • Custom made dentures are customized to suit the patient’s mouth impressions. They fit the dental ridge perfectly. However, custom-made dentures are expensive than the pre-made dentures.
  1. Fixed dentures

If you are worried about slipping or falling dentures then fixed dentures are a good option. Fixed dentures are supported by dental implants. These dentures do not cause bone loss and are an ideal way to replace missing teeth. Fixed dentures look and function like natural teeth and do not need periodic replacements. However, not everyone is suitable for dental implants. Your orthodontist will evaluate the health and growth of your jaw bone to determine your suitability for dental implants. One of the main disadvantage of fixed dentures is that the procedure is very time-consuming. Installing dental implants is a long process that make take between six months to a year.

Cost of Dentures

The cost of your dentures depends on their model. Removable dentures are the cheapest option to replace missing teeth. Fixed dentures cost more because they need dental implants. Speak to your orthodontist to know about the cost of dentures. Most of the insurance plans do not cover the cost of dentures. You can use the dental savings plans or flexible payment plans from your Lehigh Valley orthodontist clinic to cover the cost of the dentures.

Dentures are a cost-effective and convenient to replace missing teeth. There are different types of dentures such as removable and fixed dentures. Your Lehigh valley orthodontist will advise on the suitable type depending on the requirement and the health of your jaws and teeth.