in Business - 08 Jun, 2017
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2017 Trends For Engagement Rings

To some young ladies, receiving a fancy-looking engagement ring from her bream Prince Charming. Engagement is said to be one of the most important parts of a life of couples as they take on the road towards marriage. For most men especially those who belong in the middle sector of the society, it’s something they need to prepare for because like it or not, engagement rings, especially the ones that can be bought from jewellery stores in the Kingdom of Thailand, can cost up to a whooping amount of around 600,000 Thai Baht. Now, before you plan how you are going to prepare for your wedding proposal, make sure that you have already made the proper research when it comes to choosing which engagement ring will suit the personality of your soon-to-be wife and of course, the budget that you are working with.

2017 is expected to see a significant surge in the business of jewelleries, specifically engagement rings. There are in fact, new trends this year that can be picked up on for a choice of an engagement ring if you are getting engaged soon. Below are some of the trending engagement rings for 2017 that you can choose from which can be perfect when you are 100% ready to ask “Will you marry me?” to your sweetheart:

  • Unique Halos- This kind of an engagement ring has been a popular choice in the longest time. This is because this ring has a row of sparking gems which draws the attention to the beauty of the stone in the middle. These gems make the entire ring look bigger. This ring is forecasted to continue to trend in 2017 by taking on various designs from vintage-inspired to “blinged” out style.
  • Coloured Accent- This engagement ring made a big bang last year and it’s expected to do more in 2017. But what differentiate this year’s version from last year’s is that this year’s will have a more twisted give. The stone in the ring will have multiple colours, like a combination of emerald and diamond duo or, pink diamond halo.
  • Black Diamond- This is the perfect and trending engagement for brides-to-be who want to stand out among the rest. Dark stone give the ring itself an edgier look which is perfect to be given to non-traditional brides-to-be.