in Tips - 05 Jul, 2017
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3 Benefits Of Outdoor Team Activities

Team building activities can be conducted in various venues. Some team building activities are designed to be conducted indoors such as in hotels or in your office space. On the other hand,there are outdoor team building activities that are best conducted in open spaces such as beach resorts or in facilities that are designed for team building. Although there are benefits of indoor settings, an outdoor venue has its share of benefits:

Space for moving around

Team building activities can involve running, some may use props and materials while some facilitators may use chairs. There are games and activities that may require ample space for moving around. If you are planning to conduct outdoor team building activities, there are huge spaces that you can consider such as beach side in resorts, nearby parks, office grounds, and school gym or you can book at facilities that specifically cater to team building activities.

More of fresh air

Another benefit of having an outdoor team building activity is that you get plenty of fresh air. This can be healthy for your respiratory system, especially your lungs.Moving around also promotes sweating which is good for your skin and respiration. Choose an outdoor setting with ample tree shade or areas covered with tent or canopy. Avoid direct exposure from sunlight. This will protect you and your team from getting sun damaged and dehydrated. If you are going to have an outdoor team building, advice your team members about the venuein advance so they can apply sun block or sun screen protection or use caps and other sun protection. Make water and refreshments available in the venue.

Allows for more activities  

Lastly, having outdoor team building activities provides more space for funand active games that everyone can enjoy. You can find a lot of venues where you can conduct your team building activities in an outdoor setting. There are companies that offer a ready facility for organizations that seeks for team building venues. Send out an email to such companies so you can be given an activity proposal.