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3 Tips To Book Cheaper In A Hotel Near Asoke BTS

With all its great access to major transportation, shopping malls and tourist spots, one can easily conclude that booking in a hotel near Asoke BTS can be expensive. However, if you would check the rates of most of the hotels, you will be surprised at how affordable most of them are. This is because there is too much completion going on in the area so hotels offer their rooms in competitive price and they strive to offer better services. If you are looking for ways to reduce your expenses, here are some tips.

Search for exciting promos

There are hotels that offer early bird promo and offers up to 26% discount to guests who book their reservations at least 30 days before their arrival. Aside from that, there are hotels that offer complimentary breakfast, free Wi-Fi and a platter of fresh fruits to welcome their guests. When you bookin advance, you can also be sure that you will have an accommodation on your date of arrival.

Opt for packages

Another way to lower your travel expenses is by choosing packages. You can find holiday packages in travel agencies or you can also check from the official website of hotel near Asoke BTS to find out if they have packages that may include airline tickets, local transfers, and shuttle services to and from the airport and other related services.

Customer-friendly deals 

You can find exciting hotel deals by simply tapping the Special Offers tab at the hotel’s official website. You can find free buffet breakfast and free Wi-Fi access and even free room upgrades depending on availability. When you book in a hotel near Asoke BTS, you will find discounted buffet meals, dinner and cocktails. Book direct at the official website of the hotel to get more deals and executive price that may not be offered at third party booking sites. Call or send the hotel an email to determine what they can offer to their guests aside from discounts. Choose a hotel with excellent reviews from their former guests and one with high ratings from independent trip advisor sites.