in Business - 12 May, 2020
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4 Benefits Of Civil Compromise

There are a lot of reasons why victims and perpetrators or offending party decide to settle an otherwise lengthy legal battle outside of court. The pros outweigh the cons. However, if you are the defendant, you would need an expert lawyer from Donich Law to help put forward your intention to settle the matter. Take note that there are plaintiffs who refuse to settle and would take the case down to the end. If your lawyer is experienced, you can get the following benefits by arriving at a civil compromise with the aggrieved party.

Faster resolution

Court litigations can take several years before a court decision is handed down. With a civil compromise, both parties will agree that the aggrieved party will be compensated with a certain amount. The process can only take a few months, depending on how hardworking your lawyer is.


Trials can entail a lot of expenses. You can start with the acceptance fee, hourly rate of the attorney, court costs, appearance fee, payment for expert witnesses and damages in case you lose the legal battle. These are just a few of the costs required in a lawsuit.

Less stress

Aside from financial burden, you will also experience psychological issues with lack of sleep, lost times for work and other hassle. Even if you hire an expert lawyer from Donich Law, at the end of the day, you are on your own in experiencing the stress brought about by a lengthy court process. Aside from that, you may also cause stress among your loved ones or those around you.

Private settlement

Perhaps one of the best things about civil compromise is that you get to settle criminal matters with more privacy. This is important for cases that are sensitive, such as those related to sexual assault or the likes. Hire a lawyer at Donich Law who will help you arrive at a win-win settlement without causing scandal or controversy in your area. Remember, the record of court proceedings become public records. Anyone can access it including the gory details of the case.  Whereas, in a settlement, you have full control on what will be made public, including the terms of the compromise.