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4 Tips To Avoid White Spots After Braces

You put on braces to correct your teeth. However, using braces would be futile if after your teeth are well-aligned, your teeth will have white spots after braces. Having white spots on your teeth is rather usual with those who had braces so this concern is also usual and is easy to address. Here are some of the easy yet effective ways to remove white spots after braces.

Brush your teeth regularly

Keeping your teeth clean is the simplest way to remove white spots on your teeth after braces. Brush your teeth, at least two times a day and flossing after to prevent plaque buildup in between the brackets and teeth. Brush for at least two minutes every time and a visit to the dentist every six months will keep the teeth clean.

Toothpaste with extra fluoride

Fluoride protects the teeth by rebuilding enamel thereby preventing white spots after braces. You can get fluoride for your teeth through a fluoride varnish which is coated on every tooth or you can regularly use toothpaste with extra fluoride.  There is also fluoride rinse that you can find in the pharmacies or grocery stores.  Fluoride rinse is used after brushing and it keeps the teeth strong and clean.  

Use water flosser

A water flosser helps in removing plaque and food debris in between teeth and right below the gum line. Water flosser can easily reach areas that are hard to reach by traditional toothbrush or dental floss. With water flosser, teeth feels and look cleaner every after use. 

Electric toothbrush

Unlike traditional and manual toothbrush, electric toothbrush offers extra vibration that helps loosen plaque and hardened sediments on your teeth and gum line. This makes it easier to clean your teeth and whiten it with whitening agents. It also removes white spots after braces that is why, some companies offer toothbrushes that are specific for those with braces. An electronic toothbrush is not only convenient to use, it is also proven safe and effective in keeping teeth clean and free from white spots caused by prolonged use of braces.