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A Look At Some Of The Developments In Electric Fencing

The industry of farming and ranching, developments happen with the aim of making the whole process easier. An industry as old as time, farming doesn’t really need much changing, but convenience could definitely be useful, as ranches are sometimes operated by single families.

To that end, electric fence manufacturers and other companies in the industry have been working on developments to streamline the process for farmers, and here’s a look at some of them.

Fence post stapler

The STOCKade ST400i Cordless Fence Stapler has barely been out in the market for a year, but it’s already seen a fair amount of use. Priced at $1,400, this gadget makes fencing easier, especially for people that do a lot of fencing, like those that operate large ranches or commercial fencers.

The ST4001 Stapler works with barbed wire, mesh and heavy woven fencing, highway boundary and predator fencing. It’s also been confirmed with electric fence manufacturers that it works with electric fencing, provided that one has the attachment needed; the power staple insulator guide.

Micro Sweeper

Farmers and ranchers in the northern climes, where cold weather, and frost is far more prevalent, chopping ice is a more common task. The Micro Sweeper, priced at around $75 and installed below the float valves in stock tanks and self-waterers, stop ice from freezing over by constricting as the temperature drops, which causes water to enter and cycle, keeping it in motion and preventing it from settling into ice.

This isn’t a perfect process, as the device does leave some runoff when it functions, but, according to an employee from Mountain Water Well Service in Sheridan, Wyo., a company that supplies the Micro Sweeper, the system can be installed in approximately 15 minutes.

Cattle Coolers

Vaccines are both expensive and delicate, which is why they need to be carefully maintained and kept; they have to be in the proper temperature and away from direct sunlight, which isn’t a challenge while they’re still in their bottle, but once the vaccine gun isn’t as simple to work with.

The Cross Five Cattle Coolers, designed by South Dakota ranches, Keri and Ryan Casteel, is a cooler that keeps guns near the models themselves, with three or four vaccine and gun pairs,colour coded for convenience. The vaccine bottles are cooled within the left compartment of the cooler, which can also be heated on either or both sides, for use in freezing temperatures or when artificially inseminating. These coolers range from $259 to $339, depending on the package purchased, with free shipping in the US.