in Business - 22 Feb, 2018
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A Look At The Grants That Cover For Boiler Repairs

Data that might interest anyone looking into plumbing tips for boiler maintenance was recently released. The data revealed that about a fifth of the homes in UK, at 17%, have reported their boiler breaking down in the 12 months leading to February 2018.

The average cost of a boiler repair sits at £245, but the increased problems brought about by the UK’s winter means that some people do not have the funds needed for someone to come over and fix their boiler.

More than 10% of households in the UK admitted to having to fall back on a loan or their credit card in order to pay for their boiler repairs, whilst nearly half of households, at 48%, had to cut into their savings in order to meet the cost.

The data was from the comparison website uSwitch, which was handled by YouGov, with a sample size of 13,494 consumers, with the data showing that the average cost for repairs sat at £245, but, of course, some reported higher costs, which is problematic for anyone in the UK, as the country is currently being gripped by a cold spell. Naturally, now is not the best time for anyone’s boiler there to break, but the data from uSwitch shows that it isn’t all that uncommon.

For those looking to keep their boiler, looking up plumbing tips for boiler maintenance is a good idea, but if that doesn’t work, there are, in fact, ways to avoid paying for repair or the £2,500 for a new boiler.

  • Home insurance
    • Certain home insurance plans cover the home boiler, including the complete central heating system. This might be included, but usually, they are an add-on with a yearly fee. There are even some boiler and home emergency insurance policies, but it is important for anyone looking into them as some of them can only cover so much.
  • Ask for help from the government
    • The UK Government has grants for any houses in need of a new boiler, part of their Energy Company Obligation, in the Affordable Warmth section. This is available for those with a low income, recipients to specific benefits, or for those that can prove that their boilers are at least five years of age.