in EUROPE - 31 Mar, 2015
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A Plane By Germanwings Crashed

It was confirmed that an airplane by Germanwings has crashed in the French Alps. The flight is 4U 9525 using the Airbus A320 with 150 passengers inside. The plane departed Barcelona and it’s on its way to Duesseldorf. Somewhere between Digne and Barcelonnette, the plane crashed and according to officials there are no survivors.

An interior minister from France has revealed that the flight’s black box was already retrieved. It was not yet determined what caused the crash and why the plane sent no signal for distress despite the eight minutes of descent.
Passengers inside the flight include 16 German pupils who are going back after an exchange trip.

Lufthansa, main carrier of German, is the owner of Germanwings which is a low-cost version of the airline. Despite its cost, the record of the Germanwings is excellent making the news a shock to the leaders of Germany, Spain and France.

The interior minister also shared how a team was sent on the site for recovery. The crash site is located in a mountain ravine that is pretty remote. The recovery team left on Tuesday but was asked to stop during the night and was ordered to resume on Wednesday as soon as the day breaks.

It was noted that at the time of the crash, the weather was good. Airbus A320 was said to descend fast but no distress signal was received. The White House already spoke about any signs of terrorism and said there was none.
Of the 150 passengers, 67 are believed to be German citizens while 45 of them have Spanish names.

A German class of 16 students are also included on the flight list and they are reportedly returning from an exchange trip. Opera singers Oleg Bryjak and Maria Radner are also aboard the plane.

Ms Radner was said to be travelling with her husband and their baby.

There are also citizens from countries such as Netherlands, Turkey, Belgium, Denmark and Australia.
The crash was reportedly heard from a ski resort located in Pra Loup. The noise was first associated with an avalanche but people thought it sounded different.

The Germanwings flight Airbus A320 is designed for short- and medium-haul flights and it is a single-aisle passenger plane.