in EUROPE - 28 Sep, 2015
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A Projection Of Scotland’s Tourism Industry Growth

In accordance to a new report published in Scotland, the tourism industry in the country is bound to be more than 23 billion pounds by 2025. This projected figure is double the current value of the sector. This will indeed be a great boost to the economy of the country.

The spokesperson of the organization visitScotland said that the figures reported serve to highlight the importance that the tourism industry plays on the ongoing recovery of the country’s economy. The report was conducted by Deloitte as commissioned by VisitBritain. To date, the industry supports at least 292,000 jobs which comprise at least 10 percent of all jobs. Deloitte made calculated predictions and said that the sector could be worth 23 billion pounds 10 years from now and will support 350,000. The firm provides audit and financing services. They also made an estimate that for every 1,000 pound of value which is generated in direct tourism; there is 1,200 pounds of value that is being poured in the economy in other sectors. The report also highlighted the crucial role of overseas visitors and inbound tourism. This is actually the fastest growing segment of the industry in the country. The spending to be made by international visitors is forecasted to grow by 6 percent every year.

The chairman of visitScotland said that tourism in the country is a cornerstone of the Scottish industry and that it is crucially important so that the economy of the country will be stabilized. He further said that he is delighted on the importance placed on the tourism industry, further highlighting its role in the creation of jobs and in the overall economic growth.
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