in Service - 11 Feb, 2019
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A Right Meal Can Be Powerful Tool For Team Building

Businesses understand that team building in Australia has many benefits that go beyond the fond memories of a paid day out of the workplace. Team building is a popular tool used to enhance camaraderie, teamwork, communication and positive interaction. When team building is used as reward for excellent performance, it motivates employees and improves their self esteem.

The home-cooked dinner that Mark Zuckerberg served Jack Dorsey is something that both of them will never forget. The Facebook founder has a personal challenge not to eat meat unless he killed the animal himself. Zuckerberg served a goat that he raised, killed and sent to the butcher. They waited 30 minutes for the goat to be cooked in the oven but when it was served, it was still cold.

The meal went awry but the two powerful tech leaders discovered that a right meal can be a powerful tool for team building. Food is not just food because it can be a tool to make and sustain a connection. Meals can create a kind of social glue that will strengthen working relationships.

David Coyle described in his book “The Culture Code” how Gregg Popovich, head coach of San Antonio Spurs, uses special dinners to be able to connect with his players. Reservations at top restaurants are made for potential victories. Even if the team lost the game, the reservation is not cancelled. Coach Popovich also passed out scrapbooks showing meals that the team enjoyed at the end of the season. This is a sign sent to teammates that something special was shared.

Studies have revealed that workers who eat together find it easier to talk to each other. When there is interaction and communication, collaboration and productivity across departments is improved. Organizers of team building activities must remember that the right meals can build trust and connections that will always be recalled for the right reasons.

After an event organized for team building in Australia, employees return to the workplace with improved attitudes and refreshed outlook of their work situation. Most of the team building activities teach employees how to look at problems and situations differently giving them the right skills to develop solutions.