in Lifestyle - 11 Sep, 2015
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A Stunning And Extra Ordinary Property In Sussex

For most homeowners, home designs can be challenging because it is difficult to decide when faced with a lot options. There are so many tips to improve aesthetics and functionality and while generally they are the right designs, it is often difficult to incorporate them into a home when the homeowner does not have the right skills. This is the reason why there are interior decorators who share can their skills and experience in home designs.

Are you a fan of Channel 4 show Grand Designs? Make sure you do not miss the show this Wednesday night because they are going to feature the biggest house that you will ever see in your lifetime. This overwhelmingly large house is a breathtaking minimalist property located in Horsham, West Sussex. Its immense size obviously stunned presenter Kevin McCloud.

It is not often that you will see Kevin McCloud speechless but you will not be surprised once you view the opening episode of the series. Kevin McCloud admits that he was awestruck and he cannot quite believe the scale of the project that costs approximately £1.5 million to build plus an additional £850,000 for the land in Sussex.

The house is a brainchild of businessman Clinton Dall who begun the house as 60m slab of concrete. Since then the property has been converted to include a swimming pool, an enormous five-meter long sofa and a large amount of space on the outdoors. It is unbelievable but the living room is large enough to accommodate four fire engines.

Because of its size, the property required 1,300 square meters worth of tiling with the same amount needed for the small housing estate. Clinton Dall is such a perfectionist that he used the Willy on a sculpture he bought as the centerpiece of the living room to ensure that it is positioned perfectly to the dining table.

If you will look at the window frames you will wonder what kind of black was used whether it is properly black or off-black. However, in spite of its epic proportions, this house in Sussex can be considered as picture of minimalism even with its lavish build.