in Travel - 03 Jun, 2017
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A Unique Travel Experience Through Private Jet Wellness Journeys

Summer vacation is not all about exploring tourist sites and swimming in beaches; it can be the ideal time to relax and de-stress at a resort and spa in Hua Hin. A spa holiday will help you lead a more healthy and active lifestyle because it removes all the toxins from the body and clears your mind from all stresses.

Spa holidays are now the trend. A London-based brand that has been redefining hospitality for decades by taking travellers to one-of-a-kind escapades in historic palaces, ancient fortresses and entire villages is planning to take travellers to new heights. Last March, Aman’s Private Jet Wellness Journeys has announced a series of wellness-focused tour packages through a private jet.

The wellness package will take travellers to the Hindu temples on the Kingdom of Alwar, the spirituals monuments in the islands of Java and yoga and Pilates sessions on the islands of Phuket, Thailand. The wellness experience will also include Ayurvedic therapies and one-on-meetings with wellness gurus.

The wellness travel package was created in cooperation with outfitter, Remote Lands to provide 14 to 16 day trips that will take 16 guests each trip on two Gulfstream G200 private jets from destination to destination. Overnight stay can also be experienced at Aman properties in Sri Lanka’s Amangalla and Amanwella and Bali’s Amandari and Amankila including India’s Amanbagh.

According to Nicola Roche, Aman’s spa guest director, the launching of the Private Jet Journeys will redefine the meaning of travel. A 16-day journey that will take place from September 18 to October 3 will take a guest through Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam.

A second itinerary scheduled for November 2 to 15 will guide travellers through India, Sri Lanka and Thailand. The tour packages are built entirely around wellness, restoration of a sense of peace and invigoration of the mind, spirit and body.

Meanwhile, a blissful experience awaits you at resort and spa in Hua Hin, a new contemporary beachfront resort that sits on a quiet stretch of soft sand by the cerulean waters of the Gulf of Siam. Aside from the complete transformation experience at the Ananda Spa, you will enjoy a healthy dose of sea, sun and sand.