in Rehab - 15 Aug, 2018
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AA Meetings Should Be Organized In Every University

According to student leaders, Alcoholics Anonymous meetings should be organized as a requirement for every university all over the United Kingdom. This is because of the fact that there is an increasing number of youth that are attending AA meetings. Gwyneth Sweatman, the president of NUS Wales, said that Cardiff University has its own meetings for students with alcohol problem. This is a unique program at a university but it will help students avoid alcohol dependency rehab if the meetings were able to have such a huge impact in their lives.

One of the students, Maria who is attending the AA meetings, said that it is the turning point for her. She is an undergraduate at Cardiff University and there came a point in her life as a student that that alcoholism took her to the edge. The lowest point in her life as a student there came when she downed around 15 pints every day, got arrested by the local authority and was almost kicked out of her university course.

She admitted that it had such a huge impact on her work and she was not able to concentrate on meetings. She was not able to give her entire focus and she eventually become erratic especially in decision making. Her mental health was eventually compromised that she felt everything all at once – suicide-thoughts, depression and anxiety.

According to the recent official data, younger people are not drinking as much but it contradicted the record by the Dr. Mani Mehdikhani who is AA’s trustee. He said that the number of young people turning up for the AA meetings has been increasing. He added that their internal surveys, conducted once every five years, inside the AAshowed that majority of new comers are younger generation.

Their last survey was in 2015 and 33 per cent of the entire group are alcoholics under the age of 40 years old. Of this percentage, majority belongs in the age group of university students. AA meetings are their best option to avoid alcohol dependency rehab which is the case if they are not able to battle alcohol addiction. Aside from the meetings, Cardiff University also offers well-being team and student counseling.