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Welcome to Howard News where we you can obtain fresh, reliable and factual news from all over the world. Our mission at Howard News is to provide you information that has been verified from credible sources. At the risk of using an overworked phrase – information is power. Instead of relying on others for information, you can directly access the latest news from Howard News. We are just a few clicks away.

Many people overlook the importance of world news and it leaves them vulnerable. Being well informed with events as they happen across the world makes you a better person because you see beyond your limited and comfortable environment. When you learn about the culture of people, you gain better understanding and you learn to be more compassionate. Howard News is an excellent source for information because it includes commentaries and opinions to assist readers in the evaluation of the news they read.

Most of us have grown reading newspapers. However, innovations in technology have made news easily accessible. You can literally read about world events within minutes of its occurrence with regular updates to keep you well informed. This was a phenomenon that was missed by previous generations because they had to wait for a day or two before it get published in newspapers and by that time, it has already been superseded by another astounding world event. Even television is not as fast in providing information because it is more focused on entertainment. At Howard News, stories that you have missed can easily be retrieved from the archives.

Critical thinking abilities can only be developed when you are exposed to information. You learn to analyze and evaluate the news. You start to form your own opinion. At Howard News, we invite you to share your insights and comments on the news we provide. Your opinions whether critical or positive approval is very valuable and we encourage you to share it with our audience. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve the site, you are welcome to discuss it with us. Please feel free to contact us at www.liarsforhoward.org.

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Curtis Martinez