in News - 01 Nov, 2017
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Abseiling Enthusiasts Are Willing To Take Up Painting Jobs In Sydney!

There are approximately 30 new skyscrapers being built in the Sydney area, and around 40 new hotels set to open up in the next few years. This burst of high-rise buildings has paved the way for new jobs to be opened up. These in question are the jobs of window cleaners and painters who would need to operate on the sides of these high rise buildings. By offering these painting services in Sydney these people are opening themselves up to a wide range of opportunities elsewhere.

This job of painting and washing the windows of these high-rises is a rather risky job, as it requires people who are adept at abseiling. Abseiling is a sport where enthusiasts generally run down a vertical wall. It is the opposite of rock climbing in the sense that they move down the wall instead of up it. Due to this sudden rise in the number of high-rise buildings, there has also been a commensurate increase in the number of ads for industrial abseilers. This number has steadily been rising for the past six months peaking at approximately 50 percent more than where it was last year. This is according to data from the jobs website SEEK.

Reports state that the wages that these technicians might be able to manage would be in the range of $65,000 to $100,000 per year depending on their experience level. Director of Sky5, Mark Knight also states how he is experiencing difficulties trying to procure workers for this job. He states that although he might be able to find 10 people by the next day, there will be others in the Sydney area also vying for workers of the same calibre.

Mr Hageman is an industrial abseiler who also offers painting services in Sydney but he started his career after school in the circus, as a trapeze artist. He further moved on and became what he is today due to his love of heights. However, he, like all other industrial abseilers is extremely aware of the risks involved with this job. He states that as long as all the safety protocols are followed properly, this job can be as safe as any other.