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AFL Facts For Beginners

AFL is Australian Football League. This is the most exciting sport played in Australia. The AFL is influenced by many of the local sports like the soccer, rugby and the Mangrook. AFL is the most awaited league sports in the country.

Every year during the official football calendar of the country, scores of fans flock the AFL store to buy the favourite team merchandise and flaunt it. The AFL grand finale is the most watched sport event in Australia.

Here are some more interesting facts about AFL

  • The AFL games did not have a set match time initially. The team which scored two goals first was declared as the winner. But now the game has a set match time of eighty minutes divided into four quarters of twenty minutes each. The team which scores the maximum points in the given time is the winner of the match.
  • The game did not have any rules until 1958. The matches often stopped due to quarrels between the teams. The first set of rules for AFL were formed in May 1958 and they kept evolving with time.
  • The AFL matches are played on oval shaped grass grounds. These grounds are also called as Paddocks. The standard AFL ground should be 135 to 185 metres long and 110 to 155 metres wide. Four goal posts are erected at the opposite ends of the oval ground.
  • The players have to kick the ball between the goal posts. They are allowed to kick, tap or hand-ball but are not allowed to throw the ball. The players have to follow a number of rules while playing the AFL.
  • The most common method of advancing the ball in the ground is kicking. Some of the common forms of kicking are Drop punt, Grubber, torpedo punt and Checkside Punt. Players use different techniques depending on their form and strategy.
  • The AZTEC day AFL matches are the most awaited matches in Australia. These matches are viewed by 80,000 people live in the ground and by millions on TV channels.

Now that you know a lot of information about AFL, visit an AFL store in your neighbourhood and head to the next match to enjoy an exciting match.