in Business - 10 Dec, 2019
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Alamo Colleges District Considering Adding Two New Degrees

In the age of the internet, digital marketing is more important than ever, with companies’ success hanging on the verdict of King Kong SEO reviews and the like. In recognition of this, the Alamo Colleges District began discussions as to whether or not to add a degree for social media and digital marketing, along with a degree in logistics and supply chain management.

Trustees of the Alamo College District received the proposals early December 2019. Notably, the two fields for the degrees proposed is expected to have around 14,000 employees in the region by the time 2026 rolls around.

If the board approves of the proposal, the district’s Northeast Lakeview would then apply to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board for approval for the two degrees.

According to one of Northeast Lakeview’s Dean for Academic Success, Tammy Perez, these two programs will help give their students the skills that businesses in the region have been asking for, as the demand for people versed in logistics and King Kong SEO reviews and digital marketing in the region grows.

Students that obtain certification in logistics can then have careers in transportation, and other related fields, like distributions, transportation, and warehousing. Projections from the Texas Workforce Commissions state that the field will have 800 openings every year in the region. The logistics industry employed about 6,500 people in the Alamo region, and forecasts say that that’ll grow to 7,505 by the time 2026 rolls around.

As for the social media and digital marketing associate degree, it’ll be aimed at preparing students for social media campaigns, digital storytelling, and other forms of online marketing. As it stands, no other San Antonio college offers this particular degree, which is an issue, as the industry sees about 400 openings annually, and is expected to add around 600 jobs over the next half-decade.

Fellow Northeast Lakeview Dean for Academic Success Will Fanning says that the youth will find social media and digital marketing something they can grasp on a daily basis, and that there’ll  be a lot of demand for their students once words get out that these programs are being offered.