in Event - 04 Sep, 2018
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Amazon Took Down Offending Products After Customers Complaint

Amazon has a lot of products on the online marketplace from electronic products to Christmas onesies and not all of their products received raving reviews from consumers. The company also received a lot of complaints from advocacy groups because of the symbols on some of their products which are considered to be white supremacist or pro-Nazi.

An executive from Amazon said that the company has already banned the accounts of sellers who are posting those offending products and there is a possibility that they might be suspended as well. Though a number of the items are still floating around the site, there are some with links that show the items to be unavailable already.

Keith Ellison, a United States Representative from the Democratic Party of Minnesota, filed a complaint last month to Jeff Bezos who is the CEO of Amazon. Brian Huseman, the vice president of public policy of Amazon answered the complaint made by Ellison by saying that the company is not supporting products that are known to promote or encourage intolerance, hatred and most especially violence.

Amazon.com Inc has a headquarters in Seattle but their representative did not wish to leave any comments regarding the issue.

Just last month, there have been complaints from the Economy as well as the Partnership for Working Families because of some listing in the Amazon website such as a costume that depicts lynching, pendants featuring the swastika logo and baby onesies printed with logos of the burning cross.

According to advocate groups, the policies of Amazon are not only weak but also not imposed properly which made it possible for hate groups such as anti-Semitic, racist and anti-Muslim to earn money and at the same time spread hate.

Ellison is Democratic National Committee’s deputy chairman and he made an inquiry with Bezos regarding the amount Amazon is earning from these listed products together with the hate groups’ published books ever since three years ago. Amazon is already on the care and removing all offending products except for innocent Christmas onesies which is one of the most sought after product during the holiday season.