in Best Hotel - 29 Aug, 2018
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Anantara Hotels launches Private Jet Experience

Anantara Hotels, Resorts & Spas, the international hospitality brand known for luxury accommodations at the heart of luxury travel, has recently launched a new project, one that combines the experience of staying in a 5 star hotel in Bangkok with the convenience of private jet transportation.

The Anantara Private Jet Experience is a voyage of discovery around the Asia-Pacific region, travelling to tourism destinations like Maldives, Sri Lanka and Thailand, with its signature hotels taking part in the experience, allowing travellers to enjoy 5 star hotel in Bangkok level amenities while travelling the region. Included in the program are the Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas, and the Anantara Peace Haven Tangalle Resort.

The experience is being operated by the hospitality brand alongside the bespoke aviation airline, MJets, allowing discerning travellers to experience a tour of the Indian Ocean. The plane takes off from the Thai capital, before heading for Sri Lanka then the Maldives.

Larger groups of travellers can take the Gulfstream V, which has a three-zone cabin environment for their needs, making it a good choice for luxury travellers, with its amenities like shower facilities, fully reclining beds, alongside state of the art entertainment systems, with two flight attendants on the plane to aid travellers.

The Cessna Citation X, which can hold up to eight people is another option for smaller groups. It’s interior is designed for aesthetic appeal as well as comfort, with full reclining body club seats, as well as entertainment systems, with a single flight attendant to smooth over the process.

Upon landing on the ground at the destination at Colombo International Airport, the customers can transition seamlessly into a private limousine waiting for them, as part of the experience. They’ll then be taken to a private luxury villa which overlooks the bay around the Anantara Peace Haven Tangalle.

When they feel like it, travellers can then take a private sea plane to the Maldives, to stay at the AnantaraKihavah Maldives Villas.

The Anantara Private Jet Experience is customizable for each client, but there are standard packages, which include two nights of accommodation in Sri Lanka, followed by three nights at the Maldives. For a group of eight taking a Cessna Citation X, packages start at $19,745/presion, while couples travelling on their own pay $47,307/person.

Notably, this programme isn’t the first of its kind in the world, with other companies hosting such packages, like Germany’s Oetker Collection, with travellers around the world getting options for the most luxurious options.