in Business - 28 Feb, 2019
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Apartment Living And The Challenges Of Hardwood Floor

Timber flooring is a favourite choice among homeowners because it guarantees an increase in home resale value. Compared to other flooring options, hardwood gives an impression of elegance and sophistication. However, installation of timber flooring is not for DIYérs; better results can be achieved by hiring timber floor installation in Sydney that knows how to get the job done the right way.

When looking for an apartment, concrete and glass can be very impressive but timber flooring provides a softening and humanizing effect. On the other hand, there are those who prefer tiles because they are durable and easier to clean than a carpet.

In some older apartments, owners are delighted when they suddenly find out that there are wooden floorboards that have been covered for decades by layers of underlay and carpet. For the price of hiring a floor sanding and buying a pot of varnish, the owners have a brand new timber floor.

However, there are instances when you might regret sanding and varnishing the timber floor. There were earlier stories from the online Flat Chat forum that featured people living upstairs who removed the carpet protecting the hardwood floor. People living downstairs complained because of the sudden and considerable increase in noise from above.

In the days of Consumer Trader and Tenancy Tribunal (CTTT), adjudicators will decide that foot traffic and the noises of scrapping furniture were part of living in an apartment. There was also a significant increase in the number of people that were diagnosed as having allergies associated to the dust mites in carpets.

However, things are different today. Apartment dwellers do not have to put up with whatever bad decisions their neighbours make. While a quality carpet can dampen noise considerably, there are different kinds of floor coverings with sound insulation properties.

The solution to the noise problem is to hire experienced timber floor installation in Sydney that will ensure that noise levels will not be excessive. The installers can recommend acoustics solutions for noise reduction like cork or rubber underlay before the hardwood floor is installed. Adding an area rug will also go a long way to cut noise.