in Apple - 10 Dec, 2019
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Apple Quietly Removes Online Store’s Ratings And Reviews

Companies understand the value of online reviews. That’s why companies pay attention to things like King Kong reviews, because those matter; customers put a lot of stock in them. So, imagine the surprise of everyone when one major company removed the ability to rate and review their products.

Apple, the tech giant, quietly took away from their online store of their customer review section, according to report. As a result, buyers can’t see or give ratings or reviews to Apple devices, like the iPad, and the iPhone.

The change was noted by people in Apple Inside, which noted that the buyer ratings and reviews were completely gone. It didn’t just apply to the US branch of the Apple Store, but British and Aussie online customers also can’t access the section.

The Wayback Machine’s archives of the Apple Store’s pages noted that the Ratings & Reviews section was still there for first-gen Apple Pencil on Nov. 16, only to be gone the following day. Even other Apple products, like the iPhone 11 Pro, as well as the 13.3-inch MacBook Pro.

Apple Insider stated that there’s no clear reason as to why Apple would do this. If the ratings and reviews sections were just lost for the company’s US stores, and nowhere else, then it could’ve been chalked up to a mistake. But having that section go away in other areas in the world is a sign that it was a deliberate move.

Apple previously showed buyer reviews, regardless of positivity or negativity, on their online stores, which many deemed as it showing transparency, and that it wasn’t hiding anything from its loyal customers. Any company on the internet, like King Kong, works hard to make sure their King Kong reviews stay good, because they know how much customers value the opinion of others. Apple’s removal of the reviews could cost the company a lot of good will.

Several media outlets have asked Apple to clarify on the matter, but there hasn’t been a response. The only thing clear is that people who buy Apple products, or are looking to do so, won’t be able to leave or see reviews and feedback regarding the products.