in Food - 15 Aug, 2018
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Are You Eating Authentic Thai Cuisine In Bangkok?

It’s a common thing to find authentic Thai cuisine in Bangkok, especially if you live in the area. So, how do you know the restaurant you’re in is serving authentic Thai cuisine? We ask the author of the cookbook ‘Simple Thai Food’ and food writer, LeelaPunyaratabandhu, about what makes an authentic Thai food. But don’t despair if your local restaurant is not a favourite spot, even though you’re enjoying their meal.

  • A Menu of Thai Food Only

A Thai restaurant that is proud of its local Thai and other distinctive cuisine may not be putting all its efforts to any of those. If you really love Thai food, you can easily pick a menu that the restaurant specialises. Why would you choose a sushi restaurant if it were to serve Thai food!

  • To Have a Smaller Menu is Better

Search for a restaurant with a little menu or one that sticks to a single area in Thailand. You can have the largely popular food cart only serve one dish like a Hainanese chicken rice, which is a recipe of green and red curries with pad thai. It’s actually menu of authentic Thai cuisine in Bangkok for many tourists.

  • Deny the Chopsticks

If you go to a restaurant that will pre-emptively bring out some chopsticks, it isn’t a good sign that it serves authentic Thai cuisine. The restaurant simply caters to people who have no demand for authenticity. In Thailand, diners use spoons and forks, with the fork used to transport the sauce to the rice. But if you use the fork to sip liquid, it will naturally fall through. What more if you were using chopsticks.

  • Ask to See the Secret Menu

The real secret menu is for those whoaren’t supposed to know but are orders of Thai regulars. These are the things that the restaurant’s staff members are making for themselves. However, today these are no longer hidden. The current generation of Thai chefs are now bolder than it was in the past. People are now ready for authentic Thai cuisine in Bangkok, and they have made it a regular menu for diners.