in Business - 30 May, 2017
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Asia’s Best Restaurant Is Set To Close Down

It can be denied that Thailand is home to the best restaurants in the country and while there are many best restaurants in Sukhumvit, one news is quite saddening to the food industry and its patron in the country – the best Indian restaurant in the city is now set to close down.

Locals and tourists in Bangkok know how hard it is to book a table at Gaggan. The restaurant has won Asia’s 50 Best awards for three consecutive years. This is one of the major reasons why one will have to wait up to four months before booking a table. The restaurant has a team composed of four staffs that are in charge of handling about 500 booking requests that the establishment is receiving daily. It is expected that the restaurant may be receiving a Michelin star any day now.

The most unexpected response was then made by Chef GagganAnand. He decided it is time to close the restaurant for good. According to shim, every restaurant is known to have a span of 10 years and after that, it is known as a brand.

The restaurant Gaggan, named after him, is set to shut down in 2020. This decision is unusual because it is when most chefs would have grabbed the opportunity to take down the same path that Gordon Ramsay or Wolfgang Puck chose. It is the best chance for him to use his success in building his own food empire internationally.

It is also expected that the restaurant may be included in the Michelin Guide for Bangkok, which is set to be released in December. The restaurant is popularly known for molecular gastronomy tools utilized by the chef particularly liquid nitrogen. With this, he is able to transform the traditional Indian food while making sure that the authentic flavor remains along with the taste.

Despite all these success, Anand is a firm believer that everything has an expiration date. He made a comparison between him and an open Champagne bottle, whichis expected to lose its fizz after some time. He is now set his eyes on new projects and believes that there are many best restaurants in Sukhumvit and the entire Bangkok, which the locals and tourists can feast on.