in Business - 27 Jun, 2019
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Australia Post Recommends Using Broom

There are many amusing stories told by online shoppers when it comes to receiving their parcels that even interstate couriers in Melbourne are finding it funny sometimes too. One of the most recent is the tale of an online shopper who had to get the delivery somewhere up high – basically the roof of the house.

According to the customer, a mother from Sydney, she was surprised when she got home and saw that she got a package delivered by Australia Post but the catch is that it is placed in the front gutter of her house’s roof.

Merryl Lloyd shared the story to a local news station about how she and a friend came home to find a delivery note stuck in her screen door. She is living in Castle Hill but everything turned funny after she read the note. According to the message, the package can be retrieved from the roof of the house.

This is when she and her friend decided to check if the message was true and they burst out laughing after seeing there is indeed a package left on the roof. Now she is left with another dilemma because he is only five foot one and she has no idea how to retrieve her parcel from the roof.

Fortunately, the delivery person left another message on the note regarding how she could retrieve the package. The professional opinion suggests that she should use a broom which follows an apology for throwing the package on the roof. It is safe to say that his aim was not very good at all.

Merryl was able to take the package down with the help of her extendable mop. She is glad that there is nothing fragile inside because she only ordered a jacket online. She has only one thing to say to online customers, they should check their roof if they feel like their order is taking longer than usual to arrive in their home address.

While this encounter is hilarious, interstate couriers in Melbourne promises their clients that their parcel will be handled with care and utmost attention to avoid damages.