in Lifestyle - 19 Feb, 2017
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Australians And Removalists: A Budding Relationship

Moving to another home means carefully packing all your precious belongings into a box and then, with the same amount of care, making them all fit in a vehicle of choice. Such an endeavour sounds like a task best left to professionals, and it seems that Australians think so, with removals in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra; all over the country.

Oneflare, an Australian company that specializes in connecting customers with the services they seek, released data showing an increase in the percentage of Australians who hired removalists to help them move out of their homes and into their new residences. Since the founding of the company in 2010, they have helped Australians connect to companies who can provide them the services they need, including home removals, and the like.

Removals in Syndey have become more common in recent years. According to Pete Wilson, a removalist himself, people have been making more long distance moves, like from Sydney to the Central Coast, with increasing regularity. He notes that it’s usually younger families making these moves, which he attributes to the more spacious conditions there with the real estate allowing for larger residences for a lower price, that they are looking “to have better bang for their buck”.

Mr. Wilson has stated his beliefs that removalists provide an important service for their customers, alleviating one of the major difficulties usually associated with a change in residence; moving property, especially for long distance moves, which would allow them to focus on other issues regarding their new residence: familiarization, learning about the opportunities in the area, finding a school for the children, etc.

The removalist himself had a few tips for those planning to make a move in the future, which he shared.

  • Pack as much as possible before the removalists arrive. This means that you are better prepared, which will smooth out the removal process, making it quicker and easier for all involved.
  • Get rid of unwanted items. Whether by discarding or donation, one must get rid of any unwanted items, as these will also cost time and money to move, which would be a waste for something that isn’t used, wanted or needed at all.
  • Ensure that the property is accessible. Clearing out space for parking as close as possible will save everyone the time and effort.
  • Clear the area. Removing children and pets from the premises will make the transition easier and safer, as some items might be hazardous or dangerous to move.