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Bam Margera Headed For Rehab

The show ‘Jackass’ was known for its particularly dangerous brand of entertainment and had made headlines for stirring up the moral guardians of entertainment back in its day. Most of the ‘Jackass’ cast have moved into less dangerous shows or had faded from the spotlight entirely.

So most would probably not remember one Bam Margera, one of ‘Jackass’ showrunners, who also did ‘Viva la Bam’ and ‘Bam’s Unholy Union’, all shows that were not remembered well by history, if they were remembered at all. Now, Margera’s made headlines, recently, due to the revelations that he is going to a USA rehab facility in Los Angeles for rehab.

The development was arranged by the 38-year-old’s family, who worked to get him the help he needed following a DUI arrest on January 7, Sunday.

His mother, April Margera, says that Bam is feeling better, but was embarrassed about the fact that he was arrested. She says that it was his decision to go to rehab after the DUI in early January, and that the family simply arranged the details, terms and the USA rehab facility of choice, which, of course, they are keeping quiet about to maintain Bam’s privacy.

According to April, Bam is angry for being so stupid as to succumb to alcoholism and get caught driving under the influence, and is working on picking up the pieces, fixing the damage and moving forward, both for him and the rest of his family.

April says that Bam, who revealed back in September 2017 that he did battle with bulimia in the past, shouldn’t be judged so quickly by others. She says that everyone has problems and goes through low points, and that the battle against addiction is neither easy nor quick. She adds that Bam had been seeing therapists for a while now, and that he is, slowly, getting a handle on the situation and getting his life back on track.

The arrest was Bam’s first case of DUI, but it is notable, due to the fact that his best friend, Ryan Dunn, died back in 2011 due to a car crash after a night out with bottles.