in ASIA - 29 Nov, 2018
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Bangkok Number One For Indonesian Millennial’s

Based on the most recent data published by Scoot, millennial’s in Indonesia regards Bangkok to be their number one choice when it comes to international travel destination. This is the reason for the rise in bookings in Novotel Bangkok and other accommodations all over the metropolis. The second spot according to Scoot was bagged by Hong Kong while Melbourne took the third spot. Scoot has a lot passengers but around 40 per cent of them belongs to the millennial generation which is currently the dominant group.

The list of top destinations for millennial’s in Indonesia is topped by countries from Asia while Sydney is on the fourth spot. After Sydney are the cities of Taipei in Taiwan, Guangzhou in China, Male in Maldives, Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, Ho Cho Minh in Vietnam and Phuket in Thailand. The figures were based on the highest number of ticket bookings made by millennial’s in Indonesia from the month of January until October this year.

For the past ten months, over half of the millennial’s from Indonesia have already gone on a holiday twice with an average stay of between one and four days for each passenger. The data from the research proved that millennial’s love to travel in short lengths but more often. Majority of them only avail the baggage limit of about 10 kilograms while traveling.

Around 85 per cent of the millennial passengers in Indonesia prefer to book FLY fares alone and forego additional baggage fees . This is the reason why Scoot decided to give a promotion at the beginning of November so that travelers planning to go on a holiday this December will be able to book ahead of time. The discounted routes offered by Scoot include Pekanbaru, Jakarta, Denpasar, Surabaya and Palembang to different cities with a stop through Singapore.

Indonesian millennial’s who are planning to visit Thailand should book hotels such as Novotel Bangkok ahead of their vacation because Christmas holiday is considered to be a peak season in the tourist centre. To get the most of their flights, flying with Boeing 787 Dreamliner will give passengers access to many facilities such as microchip data, Wi-Fi connection on board and streaming services.