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Bangkok Sky train An Inspiration For Other Asian Cities

If you are a first time visitor to Bangkok, it is very likely that you want to make the most out of your limited time in the city. To make sure that you will be able to visit all the interesting locations in the city, your best option is to book accommodations at a hotel near Skytrain, the swiftest and cheapest way to go around. A large part of what the city has to offer is accessible through the BTS Sky train.

Many residents in Bangkok consider the mass transit system as the relief from traffic-clogged streets. The mass transit is the jewel of the Thai capital, a model that is closely imitated by other Asian countries that suffer the same traffic as Bangkok. Countries like Indonesia look towards Thailand when they aspire for a transport system not Singapore or Hong Kong that are too developed.

The BMTS or more popularly known as BTS Skytrain is an elevated rail system that opened in December 1999. After 3 decades of providing service to Thais, tourists and expats the system has surprisingly retained its freshness which is very rarely matched by other economically advanced cities. The BTS Skytrain boasts of no graffiti, no scratched glasses and no bald paint spots.

When the Skytrain was opened to the public, it only has 23 stations in two lines – the north and south lines that extends across the river into Thonburi and the east-west line that runs above Sukhumvit Road. Today, the Skytrain has 35 stations with almost 38 kilometres of track.

Bangkok like other Asian cities is suffering from a shortage of roads because of the presence of 8 million vehicles. Daily ridership in the BTS Skytrain is reported to be around 700,000 with 300,000 taking the underground. This is the reason why 10 additional lines are being planned over the next 12 years.

Modern transport system is convenient and efficient that is why there is no reason why you should not choose hotel near Skytrain when you visit Bangkok. The Skytrain will take you anywhere you want to go so that you will enjoy the city’s shopping malls, restaurants and tourist attractions.