in Business - 09 Apr, 2019
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Bangkok Suspended One Of Its Sought After Yearly Festivities

Travelers from around the world are staying in a 4 star hotel in Bangok to witness its globally known Khaosan Road. This is the very place that lures hundreds upon hundreds of tourists to bear witness to the city’s yearly Songkran celebrations. Unfortunately, the festivities this year might not be as grand as the years before with announcements that the area will no longer hold the most awaited event in order to make way for the preparations the entire country is making for the coronation of the new King of Thailand.

Songkran is the local celebration of New Year for the Thais and it lasts for three days – starting on April 13 until April 15. With the celebration, tourists and locals take part in the biggest water fight in the planet. According to tradition, the splashing of the water over one another means to shower them with blessings and it is also a symbol of starting anew. The custom is also celebrated at the right season when everyone is complaining of the hottest month of the whole year and through the celebration they can get respite from the heat of the sun.

Khaosan Road has been dubbed as the tourist mecca where local businesses willingly provide partakers with water and various water guns along with receptacles in order to properly celebrate the joyous occasion. The internationally renowned party is now placed under suspension because of the upcoming coronation the following month of King Maha Vajiralongkorn.

Khaosan Road Business Assocation’s chair, PiyabutrJiwaramonaikun, said that their location is strategically at the middle of the festivity’s therefore they recognize that holding the Songkran festival just like the years before will result to chaos.

Authorities are now preparing for the coronation of the king therefore they have mandated establishments and building to be rebuilt, repainted and refurbished. Piyabutr said that they are already expecting a sharp decline in the number of tourists staying at a 4 star hotel in Bangkok because of the major event which is the coronation. This is a way for each and everyone to sacrifice for the people we love.