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Bathroom Updates That Can Increase The Resale Value Of The Home

When you create your own bathroom, it should reflect your personality and style; however, it should also increase the value of the home. Next to the kitchen, the bathroom is one of the important rooms in a home that can affect resale value. If you do not have enough budget for stylish bathroom, learn where you can save and where you can splurge so that the bathroom will be worth the investment.

According to McGillivray, the host of Income Property and author of How to Add Value to your Home, there are specific updates that have great effect on the value of the home:

  • There are two things worth considering for the bathroom: glass shower doors or heated floors. There are states like California where heated floors are not important because they do not experience extremes in temperature. A better option for the bathroom will be to replace the aging frosted shower insert with frameless glass shower enclosures that will create a spa-like effect.
  • Another suggestion is to change the frameless builder grade mirror on top of the vanity with something that can serve as a statement piece. There are modern mirrors which costs about $240 that comes with a built-in shelf that can hold candles, a small vase and some toiletries.
  • The best place to save on the budget is tiles. There are many great inexpensive tiles available for the bathroom. There is no reason why you will invest a large amount of money on high end tiles when there are inexpensive versions available.
  • Do the bathroom walls have that orange-peel look? Looks like the bathroom has not been maintained properly. This can discourage potential home buyers. Some people may like the retro-look but not everyone.
  • Always stick to neutral colors to make the space look fresh and updated. Opt for non-permanent details so that the next homeowner can easily change them.

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