in Travel - 22 May, 2017
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Benefits Of A 5 Star Accommodation In Bangkok

There is nothing like staying in a 5 star accommodation in Bangkok. Aside from the comforts and opulence of 5 star accommodations, you can also enjoy the following perks by checking in at a luxurious hotel around Bangkok.

Automatic hotel services

One of the main differences between a 4 star hotel and 5 star one is that the services in the latter are automatic and not optional. The moment you book from a 5 star hotel, services such as concierge, valet parking, room service and even an exclusive butler is automatically provided to you. In 4 star hotels, you can opt these services out to get lower rates. You will no longer be asked if you would want a 24 hour room service because you will have a dedicated butler and room service staff for your every need at your every beck and call.

Better security

Another reason why it is always a good choice to opt for 5 star accommodation in Bangkok is that you can be sure that your safety and security is never compromised. 5 star hotels are keen when it comes to providing security to their guests especially that they accommodate dignitaries and very important personalities, every now and then. Besides, a breach in security will taint the hotel’s reputation and for 5 star hotels, reputation and customer feedback is everything. Luxurious hotels are equipped with the latest surveillance cameras all over the hotel and its premises aside from the in-house security that man the hotel for 24/7. 5 star hotels also offer safe deposit boxes in every suite or room accommodation so you can be sure that your valuables are safe while staying at the hotel.

Upscale facilities

With 5 star accommodation in Bangkok, you can enjoy the latest and modern facilities that can only be found and experienced in an upscale accommodation such as a 5 star hotel. You can find suites and even villas that are offered in 5 star hotels with posh furnishings and rich beddings. Check the hotel’s gallery and read reviews to get more ideas.