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Benefits Of Staying Near River Ness Hotel

Some of the main attractions in Inverness City is the Inverness Castle and its nearby River Ness. This city in Scotland is popular for its castles and museums that overlooks the pristine and breath-taking river. Inverness Castle was built in 1836 on an 11th century defensive structure. The old castle is not open to the public but its lush grounds are a favourite spot among tourists and even the locals. Due to the popularity of the castle and the river, you can find several River Ness hotel in the area. Booking near the river has several advantages and some of them include the following.

Proximity to Inverness Castle              

By booking in a hotel near the River Ness, you can easily access the city’s main tourist attraction, the Inverness Castle. Locals usually encourage tourists or visitors to visit the castle because according to them, you have not been to Inverness if you have not been to the castle. Aside from easy access, you can also walk to the castle for fresh air and more sight-seeing in the area.

Panoramic river view

The River Ness is a picturesque river that offers a calming view with its tranquillity. If you want to get away from the stress that urban living brings, take a trip to Inverness and book in a River Ness hotel to relax you down. You can opt for a hotel room with balcony so you can watch the sunrise and the river with coffee in hand to perk up your day. With the solitude and peacefulness of the place, you will be revitalized and ready for the challenges waiting for you in the urban jungle.

Excellent location

One of the advantages of booking in a River Ness hotel is its excellent location. By booking in a hotel near the popular river, you are only a few minutes away to the nearest railway station and less than half a mile away to Inverness bus station. This means that you can tour around the city and visit its attractions in less time and less hassle. The Inverness airport is only 10 miles from the hotels around the river.