in Lifestyle - 09 Jun, 2017
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Bikini That Always Stays On Introduced By Patagonia

Summer Watson, a singer and songwriter, knows how it felt to be swimming out in the sea when her bikini suddenly slips away from her body. She loves to surf and revealed that she has experienced a number of times when the waves decided to claim a part of her swimwear. Watson is the marketing director of Toes of the Noes, a surf shop that is based in San Clemente, California. She said that there are instances when people might witness a nip slip but the most common scenario is that they lose their bikini bottoms to the ocean. This is why many are still on the hunt for the best sports swimwear out there that will hold on no matter what while on the ocean.

Despite the fact that bikinis easily falls off while surfing, Watson admitted that she still prefers using it because she loves to feel the ocean against her skin. Patagonia is not new to this sentiment as many of their surfing ambassadors have expressed that they feel more freedom while wearing a bikini. According to Laura Kinman, the product line director of Patagonia’s sportswear for women, this is the reason why she decided to search more into a bikini that is suitable for sports.

Kinman said that there are not many brands that offer products for women who are into sports and this is discouraging on her part. When it comes to surfing, there are a number of innovations when it comes to swimwear but almost all of them are only designed for men surfers. There is already a swimwear for men that have bonded or glued seams that helps to lessen chafing when sitting on their board. For women, they only release the ones with cute prints.

It was back in 2014 when she discovered a fabric that is sticky and becomes gripper when subjected to wet. After building a number of prototypes for the sports swimwear, they launched the swimwear and eventually it became a hit because surfer women do not have to fidget or arrange their bikinis every time but they can freely focus on surfing.