in AMERICA'S - 12 Nov, 2015
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Black Acoustic Stone Wool Material For Suspended Ceilings

In Chicago, ROCKFON has introduced a new cinema black acoustic stone wool ceiling panel that can cost effectively improve aesthetics and increase acoustic experience in auditoriums, restaurants and spaces that are purposely designed for music and live performances. These wool ceiling panels are low reflection in black surfaces with high performing sound absorption.

ROCKFON wool ceiling panels offer Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of up to 0.95 with sustainable design benefits and high fire performance. The stone wool ceiling products are made from materials that include basalt rock and contains about 43% recycled materials to ensure that ROCKFON realizes its environmental goals. In fact, ROCKFON’S extensive portfolio of stone wool ceiling panels has earned the UL Environment’s GreenGuard gold certification for low emission products.

The stone wool ceiling product has also gained UL/ULC certified for Fire Spread and Smoke Development. Non-combustible stone wool has the ability to withstand temperatures of up to 2150oF (1177oC) and can resist melting, burning or creating significant amounts of smoke. When the product is used in main ceilings or suspended ceilings, overall fire safety is improved not to mention that it limits building damages.

The ceiling panels are also light in weight making them easy to carry, cut and install in a standard 15/16-inch suspended ceiling system. The panels are also low maintenance products and guaranteed to have long term durability. The panels are dimensionally stable up to 100% relative humidity. The stone wool panels are the perfect solution for concealed and suspended ceilings to clouds and baffles.

A suspended ceiling system is the fastest and simplest method to create beautiful and comfortable spaces. Aside from the ease of installation and durability, suspended ceilings made from stone wool materials can help protect people from noise. It is also a constructive contribution to a sustainable future because it can protect against the spread of fire.

Modern suspension ceilings or dropped ceilings are usually used to hide stuff used in building structure like wires, pipes and ductwork but with the right material, the suspended ceilings can improve the aesthetics of a given space. For your suspended ceiling needs, feel free to contact Crisp Contracts Ltd.