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Campaigners Express Negative Remarks Over Orthodontist Appointments

Accessibility to health care facilities has not been very easy in a lot of places in the world. Some lack nearby rescue and medical centers, some do not have enough medical doctors, and some do not have enough supply of the necessary medicine. This is particularly true most especially in terms of dental health. According to experts, it advisable to visit the dentist at least once a year. However, this may be some sort of a hassle to a lot of people, especially those who need to have regular sessions, or perhaps some aren’t just accustomed to the thought of having a dental visit.

Meanwhile, the students of NHS Highlands are also having some sort of a problem. While it is easy to visit a Lansdale orthodontist, the students however need to travel a roughly two hundred mile journey in order to reach the Raigmore Hospital or to visit any private orthodontist.

First-Hand Testimony

This is the exact reason why the higher ups of the NHS Highlands are being urged to help those students lessen their travel time. In addition, these negative feedback from the student body has been brought to the spotlight as a former Thurso High pupil Georgia Smith confided that, back then, she used to be out of school for the mere purpose of having an orthodontist appointment. Consequently, she failed some important exams which could have admitted her to her dream college.

According to her, it is unfair to see the health inequality prevalence on their place. Furthermore, she added that although it could not turn things around for her, at least doing something to alleviate the problem would help the current youngsters.

Immediate Response

In order to not worsen the problem, the health authority has promised that it would look into the details of the situation and improvise ways on how to shorten the length of travel, although lack of consultants could hinder the said proceedings.

There are a lot of great Lansdale orthodontists and quality orthodontic clinics in other places as well. Nevertheless, it remains an open secret that some places, just like the one mentioned above, still lack theirs.