in Business - 29 Apr, 2015
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Cartoon Characters – A Big Craze In The Market

The impact of popular cartoon characters on the world of kids fashion is simply amazing. Moms have to search for apparel everywhere because the kid is begging for a shirt with one of the characters from My Little Pony.

Marilyn Monroe is going to China as a cartoon character

Marilyn Monroe is going east in a miniaturized child-friendly version of the late Hollywood star. DMG Entertainment from China is working with Authentic Brand Group from New York for an animation in Marilyn Monroe’s likeness. The cartoon image will be the first international brand icon of the 21st century that will be used in CGI-animated feature films, TV series, video games, mobile apps, venue attractions and consumer products.

The company envisions the blonde Marilyn Monroe cartoon likeness into something like Betty Boop. DMG CEO Dan Mitz promises that the cartoon will not be overused. Marilyn Monroe will be used as an icon of empowerment for the modern world. Mini Marilyn was launched in China earlier this year and a teaser post has produced promising results with at least 16 million page impressions, 300,000 video views and 10,000 social media comments.

This is not the first time that the Marilyn Monroe brand has been used in a marketing ploy. Initially, there was a hologram but issues developed when the company proceeded without the approval of Authentic Brand. Marilyn Monroe merchandise is expected to be a hit because she is popular all around the world. In fact, the first test shot with negative of Marilyn Monroe was recently auctioned for $3,040.

A Mini Marilyn is expected to create a personal relationship and experience for her fan base. There is no doubt that Mini Marilyn will appeal to girls because she is more than just a simple character brand. Marilyn Monroe was a Hollywood star with a unique blend of talent, beauty and humor. It will certainly be a new adventure watching Marilyn Monroe travel all the way to China.