in ASIA - 29 Nov, 2018
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Based on the most recent data published by Scoot, millennial’s in Indonesia regards Bangkok to be their number one choice when it comes to international travel destination. This is the reason for the rise in bookings in Novotel Bangkok and other accommodations all over the metropolis. The second spot according to Scoot was bagged by […]

in ASIA - 07 Dec, 2016
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It isn’t something new to visit a place and fall in love with it. Some go as far as moving into that place. That has happened to so many vacationers who came and wanted to experience Pattaya and have pondered on moving in. And why not? There are a lot of good things in Pattaya: […]

in ASIA - 07 Aug, 2015
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The market of properties in Phuket has remained constant over the past couple of years with the presence of villas that are often visited especially during holidays. Crisis have come and gone and yet the market value has remained amazingly resilient. Buyers have luckily benefited since the owners and developers have offered prices of their […]

in ASIA - 29 Mar, 2015
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Tourists flocking to Ho Chi Minh City are making the drive to Cu Chi tunnels which are an hour drive from the town center. During the war, these tunnels served as safe houses for some of the Vietnamese fighters. The entrance of the tunnels is located inside a family home in District 10. In the […]