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in Customer Feedback - 07 Feb, 2021
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2020’s been a challenging year for industries across the world, and digital marketing, in spite of the growth it’s seen, is no exception. People have looked to 2021 with a bit of optimism though, hoping that things will change. Google UK’s higher-ups had their own ideas for what 2021 might hold for the digital marketing […]

in Customer Feedback - 05 Feb, 2021
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SEO or search engine optimization plays an important role in digital marketing. While the exact search volume in Google is relatively unknown, it is assumed that the number is overwhelmingly huge. With SEO as a key part of the marketing arsenal, it is crucial to help the search engine find, crawl and index your website […]

in Customer Feedback - 09 Dec, 2020
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Customer reviews are unquestionably important to people’s lives. An example is a digital agency that believes that the kingkong.com.au review left by clients is a source of important information about the company. People have to be allowed to freely share their experiences so that other consumers can make a confident decision. The restaurant industry has been hit […]

in COVID-19 - 22 Oct, 2020
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Australia’s online ad revenue for Q2 2020, covering April to June, dropped by 12%, a sign of how COVID-19 is affecting marketing spending in the country. The latest IAB Australia Online Advertising Expenditure report was recently published with cooperation with PwC, and showed how the industry was faring for Q2 2020 in the wake of […]

in Business - 20 Sep, 2020
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A digital marketing agency believes that a king kong advertising review can help build a better experience for the next customer. A review is a person’s opinion from his own point of view. He left a feedback because he wants his voice to be heard. Listen to the feedback because it might bring you to […]