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in Domestic Workers - 10 Feb, 2018
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Data from Core Logic shows the figures on Australia’s capital cities, which saw a notable decline, though there have been some more recent increase in January, showing that the house market is being active, which is good for the Sydney removals market,  as it means that the house market is flexible, in spite of the […]

in Domestic Workers - 09 Feb, 2018
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Eighteen per cent of the GDP of the United States comes from health care therefore a company as big as Amazon thinks it would be their next venture to further expand their reach. There are signs everywhere such as the decision of the company to enter the pharmaceutical distribution market or the latest announcement that […]

in Domestic Workers - 03 Feb, 2018
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It is common to hear foreign domestic workers not receiving fair treatment which is why the Elite housekeeping agency in Dubai wanted to make sure it does not happen to their recruits. The same stories are heard among 50 Tanzanian women that are working in United Arab Emirates and Oman as foreign domestic workers. Majority […]