in Education - 05 Oct, 2018
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The Thai government provides mainly the education of Thailand through the Ministry of Education from pre-school down to senior high school. The constitution mandates that every child must have free 12-years of basic education, whichis divided into six years in primary and six years in secondary education. From the primary education, the key stage one […]

in Education - 26 Jan, 2018
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In 2017, the ASEAN or Association of Southeast Asian Nations celebrated its 50th anniversary. Now that the event has already passed, the association now has new tasks ahead as it aims to reach its ambitious goal which is to make a united community based on socio-cultural, political and economy. There are many sectors involved to […]

in Education - 14 Dec, 2017
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There are a good number of international schools in Thailand and if you are planning to enrol your child in one of these institutions, you need to ensure that you will pick a reputable academic institution. Choosing a school to enrol your child in is very important. Your child will spend long hours in school […]

in Education - 23 Oct, 2017
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Event managing is not an easy task especially if you are multitasking and doing things manually on your own. This is a situation where no one wants to be stuck in. There are preparations that must be done before the actual event and there are tasks that takes up a lot of time since they […]

in Education - 02 Sep, 2017
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The Singaporean Ministry of Education, aware of the country heavy patronage of home tutor services and emphasis on education, has recently launched the pilot for a new online learning portal for students, dubbed the Singapore Student Learning Space (SLS). The pilot was launched with cooperation from both students and teachers from 62 primary and secondary […]