in Business - 15 Feb, 2016
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The housing market in the United Kingdom has kicked off well this year as the overall valuation activity during the first month increased by more than half on its annual basis. This is according to the latest research conducted in the 2016. In total, the figure of housing valuations climbed by 52 percent as compared […]

in EUROPE - 28 Sep, 2015
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In accordance to a new report published in Scotland, the tourism industry in the country is bound to be more than 23 billion pounds by 2025. This projected figure is double the current value of the sector. This will indeed be a great boost to the economy of the country. The spokesperson of the organization visitScotland […]

in EUROPE - 26 Aug, 2015
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New guidelines were made by the Irish College of Ophthalmologists for laser eye surgery Glasgow. Member surgeons are mandated to follow the guidelines but voluntary for non-members. The guidelines were drawn up to answer the rising number of questionable ways of getting people to undergo the surgery. College president Billy Power said that the guidelines […]

in Business - 20 May, 2015
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Can you really rely on phone psychic readings? If you ask those involved in this industry, they would say yes. And if you ask other people, they will give you a skeptic look. They psychic industry though quite accepted in society, has not really fully been established as a very legitimate practice. Law regulators are […]

in EUROPE - 31 Mar, 2015
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It was confirmed that an airplane by Germanwings has crashed in the French Alps. The flight is 4U 9525 using the Airbus A320 with 150 passengers inside. The plane departed Barcelona and it’s on its way to Duesseldorf. Somewhere between Digne and Barcelonnette, the plane crashed and according to officials there are no survivors. An […]