in Dentist’s - 11 Dec, 2019
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Dental health and oral hygiene are two of the most neglected areas till now. But slowly people are realizing the importance of oral hygiene and dental health. They understand that missing or damaged teeth not only have an impact on their appearance but also affect the way they chew or eat. Increased emphasis on physical […]

in Dentist’s - 18 Sep, 2019
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You put on braces to correct your teeth. However, using braces would be futile if after your teeth are well-aligned, your teeth will have white spots after braces. Having white spots on your teeth is rather usual with those who had braces so this concern is also usual and is easy to address. Here are […]

in Dentist’s - 10 Aug, 2019
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Braces, mouth expander, retainers, headgear and eventually dentures are appliances that are custom-fit by the orthodontist to individual’s mouths. Even with sterilization, reuse is not recommended and neither is it practical. Dentures and retainers are made from acrylic or nylon resin and metal and separating the materials from the appliance can be quite difficult. A […]

in Healthcare - 27 Jun, 2019
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When women want to enhance their looks, they go to Bondi hair salon to colour their hair. Sometimes it is fun to have a different hair colour from what you have been born with. Pastel and candy-coloured hair trended because a celebrity suddenly appeared on TV wearing rainbow-hued tresses. You browse through Instagram photos and […]

in Healthcare - 26 Apr, 2019
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There are many different types of cancer already discovered and the common denominator is that exercise helps in reducing the risk of a person from developing one. The most notable according to a personal trainer in Wynnum is the colorectal cancer because its malignancy is impacted by the level of physical activity of the person. […]

in Healthcare - 28 Dec, 2018
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Healthcare organisations must focus a lot more than the health of their patients. The infrastructure that supports the clinical care deliveries continue to expand, especially that IT has contributed to the growth. Many companies nowadays rely on a technology for their financial, administrative and clinical functions. They have delegated their IT departments and expenditures to […]