in Map - 25 Nov, 2019
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Map illustrations are experiencing a resurgence recently particularly in the tourism and hospitality sectors. Most tourist destinations have commissioned a custom map illustration for their brochures and handouts to simplify navigation in an artistic and exciting manner. An extremely rare example of the earliest surviving map illustration of London was discovered and surprisingly, the roads […]

in Art - 06 Sep, 2019
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You have never been to a certain place but through cityscape illustration, you were able to recognize the important buildings and landmarks. Why, because the map illustrator has focused his attention on highlighting these places instead of drawing the map according to scale. Besides that, cityscape illustrations are fun to look at and quite pretty […]

in Business - 26 Apr, 2019
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You can call them pictorial maps, overview maps, bird’s eye view maps or map lustration but they are all illustrated maps that depict a certain area with more artistry and creativity than accurate scale. Anything can be featured on the illustrated maps from famous landmarks and buildings to legendary figures, historical events and campuses. New […]

in Map - 09 Jan, 2019
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A bird’s eye view map will describe an approach that adds a design or stylized element. They are more attractive than regular maps as they are used to attract visitors with landmarks or to show them a way towards the countryside. They are illustrated using a high-quality paper, which can be used as flyers or […]

in Map - 29 Jul, 2018
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The main objective of maps is to deliver greater visual usefulness to users. For example, in the map illustrations, some features like landmarks are exaggerated so that the user will feel a sense of recognition when he arrives at a certain city. Distortions are deliberate so that the map can provide information aside from directions […]

in Map - 09 Mar, 2018
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People use different kinds of maps from the folded map of a city that can be accessed at airports to the Illustrated Maps that are attractive and easy to use. Using an illustrated map is easier for a first time visitor to a city because aside from roads, there are landmarks and buildings that are […]