in Apple - 10 Dec, 2019
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Companies understand the value of online reviews. That’s why companies pay attention to things like King Kong reviews, because those matter; customers put a lot of stock in them. So, imagine the surprise of everyone when one major company removed the ability to rate and review their products. Apple, the tech giant, quietly took away […]

in Business - 10 Dec, 2019
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There are a number of benefits of getting the services of a reputable digital marketing agency by reading product reviews, such as King Kong agency reviews. One of the reasons is that these digital marketing agencies focus on aspects that are essential to the popularization of your business. The company’s task is to capture potential […]

in Company - 28 Oct, 2019
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Many people are accused of shoplifting and a shoplifting lawyer is hired for legal representation. However, Tokyo startup Vaak has introduced new artificial intelligence software that can monitor the body language of shoppers and the signs that they are planning to shoplift. The software is expected to deter persons from shoplifting. The VaakEye software works […]

in Auto Parts   - 07 Sep, 2019
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If you own a car, at one point or another, you would have to replace some of its parts, whether it is tires, wheels, lights, mags, engine, mirrors, etc.  Surely you can buy OEM or aftermarket and items from used car parts as they are available everywhere. You can also opt to stall and have […]

in Business - 30 Jul, 2019
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Foreign exchange trading or forex as it is popularly called is a popular market for speculators. The forex markets are open 24/7 because of the time changes in different countries. There is no specific exchange for forex trading as the trades take place between central banks, banks, brokers, fund managers and other traders.  Forex markets […]