in Lifestyle - 05 Sep, 2015
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Cynergy Physical Therapy, P.C. provides individualized treatment for injuries and disabilities with passion for the patient’s wellbeing and by employing the best state-of-the-art equipment to make recovery and rehabilitation more efficient and effective. A team of therapists consistently engage in the latest in research based treatments through continuing education so that the patient will be […]

in Business - 28 Aug, 2015
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Filter media plays a very important role in water treatment plants because it is the fundamental right of every individual to have safe and clean drinking water. In Walla Walla, the members of its City Council voted to change the plans on how its drinking water will be purified in the coming years. The council […]

in EUROPE - 26 Aug, 2015
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New guidelines were made by the Irish College of Ophthalmologists for laser eye surgery Glasgow. Member surgeons are mandated to follow the guidelines but voluntary for non-members. The guidelines were drawn up to answer the rising number of questionable ways of getting people to undergo the surgery. College president Billy Power said that the guidelines […]