in Software - 05 Mar, 2021
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Businesses have specific and complex issues to deal with. While off-the-shelf software might work, it might not be a perfect fit for the organization’s needs. That’s where custom software development comes in. It’s designing software for a specific group or set of users, with specific design decisions, features, and functions. This software, being designed specifically […]

in Business - 22 Sep, 2019
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Business automation is the use of tools, software and other forms of technology that replaces a manual function with automated processing. An example of business automation is the use of digital process in queuing customers. Gone are the days when customers have to be called individually for their business needs to be processed or when […]

in Software - 03 Sep, 2017
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Having a new home nowadays means having a landscape plan. Not many recognize the importance of having a plan devised by a talented designer. If you have a landscape designer, they will create designs that will take into consideration the activities you do, the views of the property as well as the effect on the […]