in News - 24 Jan, 2017
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Tehran is considered as the political capital of Iran as well as the financial center of the country but it has never been advertised as an ideal holiday destination. Tehran holds tours but only during long holiday seasons including the Iranian New Year called Norouz which lasts for two weeks. The celebrations are usually done […]

in Lifestyle - 16 Jan, 2017
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Can you travel with only $100 in your pocket? A number of travel bloggers, backpackers and single travelers have said that they can travel on a shoestring budget because there are many ways with which to stretch 100 dollars. One of the important things to consider when traveling with $100 is determining the right destination […]

in EUROPE - 28 Sep, 2015
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In accordance to a new report published in Scotland, the tourism industry in the country is bound to be more than 23 billion pounds by 2025. This projected figure is double the current value of the sector. This will indeed be a great boost to the economy of the country. The spokesperson of the organization visitScotland […]

in ASIA - 07 Aug, 2015
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The market of properties in Phuket has remained constant over the past couple of years with the presence of villas that are often visited especially during holidays. Crisis have come and gone and yet the market value has remained amazingly resilient. Buyers have luckily benefited since the owners and developers have offered prices of their […]