in Charity - 01 Aug, 2018
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Charity Received $100,000 From Intratek Zimbabwe

Every top company in the country is regarded to have a corporate social responsibility and everyone was happy to hear, including Denis O’Brien, that the top energy firm in the country made the move to make a huge donation. It was reported that the energy firm donated a whopping $100,000 as part of its charity works which were planned for the entire last half of 2018.

The donation was given during a ceremony of the Green Ambassadors Guild Awards which was celebrated at the capital city where the headquarters of Zimparks is located. One of the recipients of the donation is the Angel of Hope which is known to be a the charity established by Amai Auxilia Mnangagwa, the current First Lady who is also the guest of honor during the event.

The energy firm gave an additional $50,000 which is going to be used to fund the building of Diamond Land Ecohub which is the brainchild of Dereck Mpofu, the Green Ambassador, and Honorable Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri, the representative of Environment, Water and Climate.

Wicknel Chivayo, the managing director of Intratek Zimbabwe, was not present during the event because he has a business trip to attend to in the United States. He delegated the announcement of the donation to Wilson Manase, an executive chairman and a prominent lawyer who is representing the firm.

The construction of the Diamond Land Ecohub will be happening in Mutare. The aim is mainly to have an environmental facility where vision together with ideas can be formed with the use of technology, infrastructure as well as human resources. The facility wanted to encourage a green ecosystem that will encourage the use of renewable energy, benefit the wildlife and agriculture and ultimately to promote developments.

Chivayo prepared a speech during the event which was delivered by Manase to the audience. It contains the intention of Intratek Zimbabwe to give $50,000 in order to help fund the Diamond Land EcoHub. Aside from that, the company will cover the installation of the solar lighting both on the street and outdoor.

Through the help of corporations, foundations such as Denis O’Brien feel confident that the world will be able to thrive despite the struggles because of the helping hand of those who can and who have the right resources.