in Business - 17 Jan, 2019
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China Restarts Approval Process For New Video Games Ahead Of Time

In the United States and other countries all over the world, gamers are free to choose the games they want to play whether it is sports, thinking or board games, shooter, simulation or role play. It is easy to buy games for cheap from merchants by using comparison tool sites for PC, Xbox One, Play Station 4 and Nintendo Switch.

China which is the world’s biggest gaming market has unexpectedly suspended approval of new video games early in 2018. According to Chinese authorities, the ban was mostly ignited by growing concerns over addiction and the increasing violence present in video games. The number of children suffering from myopia has increased so that video games need tighter approval standards.

Tencent, China’s tech giant that generates one third of its revenue from online games was hit hard by the ban. Tencentwas forced to suspend Capcom’s popular PC game, Monster Hunter World after its China release. Approval for the monetization of PUBG Mobile and PC versions were left in limbo.

Tencent has to restructure its business in order to divert funding for new games to the higher growth cloud, digital content and payment services. However, the decline in the tech giant’s revenues from online gaming was not as bad as previously expected because it managed to squeeze out ten pre-approved mobile games that include Free Fantasy Online Mobile, MT4 and Saint Seiya.

Many analysts predicted that winter in video gaming will last until the first half of 2019. However, Tencent investors and other online gaming companies can now breathe a collective sigh because Chinese regulators have restarted the approval process for gaming ahead of time. This could enable Tencent to recover from its stock value that decreased by 20% in 2018. It is also possible that Tencent will censor or significantly alter their games to gain approval from Chinese regulators.

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